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PPC Agency (Paid Search Marketing)

Our Adwords qualified specialists work alongside you to achieve the strongest results from your Pay Per Click campaigns.

Our PPC strategy.

We understand the PPC landscape is highly competitive. Advertisers must make sure they're out thinking and out smarting the competition.

It is for this very reason The Response Agency offers a detailed optimisation solution to your PPC. As an industry average, up to 30% of PPC budget is spent between 6pm - 9am (ie: when traditionally no-one is available to optimise). Have you ever wondered who is looking after your PPC campaign once you or your agency have gone home? 

We futher acknowledge that a PPC campaign can be a significant investment for you. It's for this reason we offer complete transparency and a campaign that is accountable at every key stage – ensuring you have all the figures you need to show that your money is being well spent. 

Our tracking systems allow us to monitor and then produce detailed reports that keep you informed at all times. We are able to track your PPC activity based on a variety of metrics including Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA), Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Total Costs, Conversions, Sales, Visitors/Clicks and Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) and Profit on Investment (POI). 

Just some of our PPC services include:

  • Free PPC Healthcheck- We'll critique existing campaigns and recommend new strategies to take your business forward.
  • Performance based commission.
  • Budgets – We pre-agree your budgets (set by month, week or day) and will not go over that level. We investigate your current campaign and offer suggestions of how your PPC account can grow all within an agreed ROI.
  • Refining and optimising your PPC account- We spend less money on testing and more on refining and evolving your campaign.
  • Holistic approach to your campaign- We incorporate any offline advertising messages and schedules into the PPC campaigns to ensure brand consistency and higher response rates.
  • Reporting – The Response Agency produce PPC reports tailored to your need and frequency, showing you exactly the information you require in simple and easy to read formats.
  • The final element that helps fuse our talent and technology is our approach to research and insight. This helps us understand your customers, discover the size of your market, quantify your competition and define your goals.

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