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Tracking Online Advertising
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Conversion Tracking & Analytics

To ensure your advertising is running as efficiently as possible, it is essential to track the performance and monitor the impact of optimisation and management. 

We have the ability to track and monitor visitor behavior on your website, such as:

  • Which pages are visited the most (and least).
  • Where do customers enter the website, via the homepage or a specific page? 
  • How customers leave the website. 
  • Which areas of the site are the most popular? 
  • How many pages are read by the visitors and how much time do they spend on the website? 
  • Where the visitors come from - other websites or search engines? 
  • Number of visitors and how many return back to your site. 
  • What exit links are being used (links to external partners etc). 
  • Number of conversions within a set time period (Sales, Quotes, Download) 
  • Conversion funnel (Is there a stage in the conversion process where users seem to keep stopping)? 

This allows you to measure:

  • The impact of the various campaigns - against each other and in relation to different types of visitors. 
  • Which campaigns work best - compared with key goals. 
  • The behaviour of the "campaign visitors" in relation to other visitors (do they buy more, do they look at more pages, or spend more time on the website?) 
  • What does it cost to acquire new members or customers through a campaign?

And more…

With this information, it is much easier to focus on the optimisation of your website - and to document the impact.

The use of e-commerce measurement and tracking also allows you to follow the development of sales or other positive outcomes on your website.

Our tracking gives you the opportunity to get answers to the following questions:

  • What generates the most sales? 
  • What generates the most email enquiries? 
  • What keywords are generating the highest revenue? 
  • What contribution do referring websites and search engines make to sales? 
  • How have my orders changed over time? 
  • How many visits are there to the website before a user becomes a customer?


Likewise, Analytics gives us the opportunity to visualise different types of processes, such as a purchase, a subscription or a booking. This 'conversion funnel analysis' visualisation gives you a clear overview of any issues.

We offer this indepth analysis as part of the package with every campaign we run.

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